Vacuum Fiber Optic Assemblies

Multimode Fiber Optics, Inc.



Fiber optic vacuum feedthroughs are designed to transmit UV-Vis (180nm-1150nm) or Vis-NIR (340nm-2500nm) into and out of vacuum chambers, with maximum optical throughput. The fibers are sealed to 10-10 Torr, within the vacuum flange. These assemblies can be used in applications such as semiconductor processing, thin film measurement, or wherever it is necessary to remotely monitor processes or deliver light, within a vacuum chamber . In addition to the standard products shown here, many options are available, including large diameter multi-fiber bundles, higher temperature versions, etc.


Part Number
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Price Range Description
VWN-1000S $300 Vis-NIR Plane Glass w/female SMA's
VWU-1000S $400 UV-Vis Plane Silica w/female SMA's
VLN-1000S $410 Vis-NIR Lensed Glass w/female SMA's
VLU-1000S $509 UV-Vis Lensed Silica w/female SMA's



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