About Us

Founded in 1996, Multimode Fiber Optics, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom and standard fiber optic products, and conventional optical products, and supplier of raw optical fiber, components & consumables. We engineer, design, and manufacture products for spectroscopy, process control, semiconductor processing, laser delivery, and other industrial, medical, and military applications. Every aspect of design, engineering, and manufacturing is conducted in-house, enabling Multimode to maintain full quality control over our products. Our in-house machine shop enables Multimode to turn around prototype parts immediately. To meet the stringent requirements of our customers, we have formed strong relationships with our suppliers, including multiple machine shops and optics manufacturers.

What Differentiates Multimode Fiber Optics, Inc. from our Competitors?

At Multimode Fiber Optics, Inc., you will discuss your requirement with qualified people, who have first-hand technical knowledge in the engineering, design, and manufacturing fiber optic products. This eliminates misinterpretations between sales and manufacturing staff, and ensures that you will get the right product. Multimode is located in a single facility, as opposed to other manufacturers, who have administrative staff thousands of miles away from where the manufacturing takes place. This not only avoids misunderstandings, but also reduces the time it takes to provide quotations, technical assistance, and the finished product. We do not "compete" with our customers. Multimode Fiber Optics, Inc. does not manufacture systems, such as spectrometers or lasers, which would cloud our objectivity when assisting our customers in the development of the best product for their requirement. We work exclusively for you.