Patch (Single Fiber) Cables

Patch (Single Fiber) Cables

Standard products use 0.22 N.A. Fused Silica fibers and PVC monocoil cabling.  Immediately available from stock in 1,2, and 3 meter lengths.  End termination options are SMA, FC, ST, or 0.25"OD or customer size ferrules, except as noted; other terminations are available upon request.

PATCH (Single Fiber) CABLES

Part Number
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1.0 M
per additional M
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190-1100 nm      
PCU-100-1 $95 $5/M 100 m core
PCU-214-1 $95 $5/M 214 m
PCU-400-1 $105 $21/m 400 m
PCU-600-1 $121 $44/M 600 m
PCU-1000-1 $194 $73/M 1000 m
350-2400 nm      
PCN-100-1 $105 $10/M 100 m core
PCN-200-1 $105 $10/M 200 m core
PCN-400-1 $116 $24/M 400 m
PCN-600-1 $121 $58/M 600 m
PCN-1000-1 $200 $84/M 1000 m

For additional length click on the "per additional M" price associated with the chosen product and then put the quantity needed on the order page. (up to 10M).  Specify termination type as:

  • SS (SMA905 connectors at both ends)
  • QQ (1/4 inch OD ferrules at both ends)
  • SQ (one, 1/4 inch ferrule & one SMA905)

Suffixes for other connector types:

  • F (FC Connector)
  • T (ST Connector)
  • C (SC Connector)

Prices subject to change without notice